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Who will benefit from engaging with Rebecca?

The best people to help answer this question are people who used to report to me and work alongside me because while I may show only the best version of me to my bosses, those surrounding me during the ‘mad scientist montage’ of countless work iterations will know better. Sometimes I do wish there is a time-lapse camera following me around all day.


Anyone from 10 to 92. Who here has so many ideas that you cannot wait for graduation to jump-start your career? Show of hands those who have a constant craving of creating something impactful despite your grey hair! Rebecca will tell you that while gender, age, race and background can be obstacles, you can still map out your strategy using no-nonsense business acumen paired with a high level of empathy. ​ Honestly loved your message and the no bullshit honest approach to dealing with money in a relationship. -Cathryn Oyemogum


Those who are sitting on a big girl chair yet frustrated about managing your team and making your boss happy would be glad to hear Rebecca’s speeches. At a tender age of 23, fresh out of university, she found herself as a middle manager in a major publication with someone 5 years her senior reporting to her. By the age of 26, she was an Account Director on a partner track in an established PR agency. So who is better to talk about imposter syndrome than Rebecca?  In 2013 she was the first mother to ever hold a position as Director of Public Relations in that 5-star hotel, a job that requires being alert (for both crisis and trend) all week long, all year long. Who is better to talk about the stresses and dilemmas of hiring and firing, decision making, budgeting, and work-life balance? Well, maybe Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton is better at this. I had wonderful experiences working and learning from Rebecca since she was a great mentor. I am forever grateful to have her as my manager. - Ananda Wondo


Before the pandemic, which opened up a lot of unresolved social and racial injustice, many of us chose to keep our heads down, work and content with doing nothing else. As long as salaries are paid, just keep our mouths shut. But not now. There are way too many things in the world that are so problematic that you and I cannot keep silent anymore.  ​ Those of you with fire burning in your gut would benefit from listening to Rebecca on how to do something about it. You know what you want to see change but you don’t know what to start? You are in the right place. ​ Rebecca is very good at problem solving in any crisis situations. She thinks logically and works with her passion. Her ability to work and develop new ways to achieve the targets were always inspiring. - Nathalia Atmaja




Almost 20 years of experience on media & public relations, leadership management, and non-government organisations

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